A sports team is different than almost other group or club, so your sports team hoodie needs to be something special.

Like other clubs, you have a group of people who are all working for a common goal. But for a sports team, the end goal of all the hard work and all the hours that goes into forming the team and growing stronger is, ideally, a win.

Nothing brings out fierce competitiveness and determination like a challenging game, or facing a leading opponent. Your team is your lifeline. You practice hard together, you laugh together, sweat together, and oftentimes, even bleed together.

Teammates are close. When the goal is to win, your teammates become family members who you respect, rely on, and admire. When you head to tournaments you stick together. That is what a team is. That is what a team does.

When you put your team in team hoodies, they get that much closer.

Team hoodies build team spirit

A custom hoodie builds a strong team spirit, the kind that your team will represent when walking between games.

Whether your team is wearing your team hoodie on the fields, walking to the rink, or between gyms, they will look good and look like they belong together. Your players will feel good, as a result, which is only positive for team spirit and camaraderie.

On a sports team, a large goal is building team unity, and looking like a team. At BS Designs we believe we can help you achieve that goal.

Team hoodies advertise team brand

Getting your custom hoodies is a great way to spread the word through your city that your team exists, and your team has spirit.

This could double as free advertising (walking advertisements!) as players will pay for their own hoodie, and then spread the word around about the team and your sports organization, thus attracting volunteers and future players to your tryouts and your team, in general.

Team hoodies fundraise team support

Cusom hoodies are a great fundraiser for parents and boosters who want to support a sports program.

Parents are happy to wear their children’s team colours when they are sitting on the sidelines watching another soccer game, or up in the bleachers during warm up on ice. Parents are usually very supportive of their children, and nothing shows a child that his/her parent cares like seeing them watching, sporting their BS Designs hoodie.

Team hoodies build fond memories

Custom hoodies also become an excellent keepsake for players long after they are done playing for you. As they reflect back on their time on your team, and with their former teammates, your former players will continue to wear their hoodie with pride.

Contact us now and talk to us about your new sports team hoodie!

In Ottawa, hoodies are key. When players are warming up, or are waiting on the bench for a game to start, they need to keep their bodies warm.

Team hoodies will keep your players comfortable. No matter what team you are affiliated with, our Ottawan weather always reminds you that having a hoodie in your duffel bag is never wasted time, and always good planning.

Let BS Designs help you and yours feel prepared for the big game. Click here to ask us about sport team hoodies


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