BS Designs does it again!

We just met with Sandy from Alta Vista Public School here in Ottawa, and handed over his second full order of Alta Vista hoodies.

After his first order of hoodies sold out fast, we lent him a helping hand and made sure that we supplied his second order as soon as we could.

Alta Vista now has an order of BS Designs hoodies which suits its junior students just as well as it does its senior ones. The same level of quality, attention to detail, and care goes into every hoodie. The same unique BS Designs custom design is available in any size hoodie, including children’s sizes and adult’s.

Sandy chose the timeless, classic varsity style hoodie for Alta Vista. Complete with the school’s name, the year its doors first opened, and its sports name on the back shoulder, Alta Vista’s new hoodies are sure to be a hit.

In Ottawa, hoodies matter. Teachers and students spend 10 months of the year in school, and customized hoodies can be worn in each and every month to keep the school spirit alive and dynamic. BS Designs is happy to take care of all of your school apparel needs. Not only do we help clothe your own staff and students, but our hoodies can even be used in auctions and fundraisers to have the community looking a little more stylish as well.

If your school is looking for a way to revamp school spirit and build school culture, drop us a line. We do hoodies, and we do them right!


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