BS Designs feels just at home in the great outdoors as it does in schools.

Hoodies and camping go hand in hand. In fact, camping is best experienced while sitting by a campfire with your BS Designs hoodie wrapped snug around you.

Pack up your car, grab your customized hoodie from Ottawa, and hit the road. The stars are overhead, the moon is shining full, and your hoodie is keeping you warm during the cool night. You enjoy the light summer breeze and the sound of waves lapping up on shore, as the campfire crackles right in front of you. There is simply nothing like a night of camping.

Are you running a summer camp? What better way to spread the word about your program than dressing your staff and campers in your gear?

Are your parents sending you off to summer camp? What better way to feel you belong with the new group of people you are about to meet, than to have matching hoodies?

Camping in custom hoodies brings to a large group of students, friends, and family that next level of togetherness and camaraderie. Unlike matching ugly Christmas sweaters, matching BS Designs hoodies enables you and yours to truly camp in style!

We here BS Designs have been camping our entire lives. Our hoodies have travelled from Sandbanks Provincial Park to the Grand Canyon, and so many places in between. No camping trip will ever be as comfortable as it will be when you are wearing your BS Designs hoodie.

We can get you yours, and that is no bs.


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