In Ottawa, hoodies are needed to build school culture and strengthen school spirit.

We at BS Designs are sensitive to the large range in family incomes among students, and as a result we work strenuously with our manufacturing team to ensure that students and students’ families are getting their hoodies for as affordable a price as possible.

Compared to other apparel businesses, our hoodies are pretty cheap. And by cheap, we refer solely to price.

Our products are of high quality, and made with great attention to detail. We have the kind of hoodie that makes you tingle and long for your own when you see one on someone else. When schools are portrayed in the movies, we see staff and students alike proudly wearing their gear, contributing to a sense of community and togetherness.


1. Our hoodies are not only for school students – they are also for school staff!

Staff members and teachers enjoy not having to worry about what to wear when they head in to work. School hoodies are a no-brainer when grabbing an outfit from the closet – they are warm, comfortable, and they promote school spirit in the workplace, where teachers spend so many hours.

We staff often spend more time at school than we do at home! When walking between portables get chilly (seeing as our winter seems to last half the year!), make sure you have a BS Designs hoodie on to keep you warm.

2. Re-selling school hoodies makes for an easy way to fundraise.

Teachers can have staff or students pre-order hoodies, so you know exactly how many you will need, before ordering from us. Sell our hoodies at parent nights, school council meetings, school productions, or book fairs – you name it, our hoodies are appropriate merchandise.

School hoodies are worn by students and staff, but also by administration and office staff too. Administration, office staff, and parent council are just as proud as teachers and students to wear the colours of the school they work for.

In some elementary schools, donation programs are run. When young students outgrow their hoodies, their families have the option of donating it back to the school (if gently used), and parent council is then able to resell the products at a fundraiser for a discounted price.

3.School hoodies make the perfect personalized thank you gift

Attention principals, coaches, and club administrators – have you ever tried to thank your staff, team, or club members and have found difficulty in choosing exactly how to say it?

Gift cards are generic, and sometimes thank-you cards just do not do the trick. But giving your team a personalized hoodie – that kind of gesture is sure to be memorable for years to come.

With a hoodie, the people you appreciate will remember your thoughtfulness each time they wear it, and they will surely favour the personalised nature of your hoodie over a gift-card they would throw in their wallets or arm-rests and forget about. School hoodies make great graduation keepsakes, too.

When students leave a school, they often want something to remember their time by. Nothing says “remember the good times” like a hoodie that can be worn for years and in some cases, even inherited by fellow generations!

4. Great value: Students in Ottawa can wear a hoodie for the entire school year.

In our unpredictable weather, a hoodie is the perfect all-year-round item to own. Getting dressed in the morning is hard enough as it is, and if we are being candid, a lot of teenagers would rather just throw on the first item they see rather than sort through a whole closet of clothes at 8am. That item could appropriately be their school hoodie!

And for school spirit days, students need not worry about finding all the right colours or the right outfits to correspond with them all (whether it is School Colours Day or Pajama Day); a school hoodie is always appropriate.

A hoodie is money well spent when the same article of clothing can be worn to a football game in the fall, and can come along in your bag to a track meet in the spring.

5. School hoodies are also great for sports teams.

Wearing the same hoodie helps the students feel like they belong, builds camaraderie, and is an easy way to help support a program. Students can purchase hoodies, and the funds from the sales can go into helping cover the costs of transportation between games, tournament entrance fees, etc.

When your students travel to OFSAA or any other tournament, having them proudly sporting their team hoodies will represent unity of the team which they have worked so very hard for.

How do I get a cheap school hoodie?

The process is easy – you give us some basic information (school colours, logos, mascots, etc.) and we will come up with different ideas and concepts to make your vision a reality.

Or, if you have specific ideas or a specific vision that you have already planned out, visit us with exactly what you have in mind and we will relay your vision as best as we can.

In Ottawa, school hoodies mean so much, and BS Designs is committed to providing you with affordable ones. Everyone wants the best value for their dollar. At BS Designs, we can give that to you.

Contact us now and get yourself into a new school hoodie!


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