Summer camp hoodies and BS Designs go hand-in-hand.

BS Designs loves the Canadian outdoors, and we have been lucky enough to spend time at many different summer camps.

The smell of the lake, the feel of the light breeze, the bright stars at night, the refreshing cool evenings—there really is no life like camp life. One very important part of all camp life is what we wear.

A thriving camp culture which builds community and togetherness is better achieved with camp hoodies. Camp t-shirts are nice, and they make a great find in the lost and found bin on day three of the season! Camp hoodies, on the other hand, are prized by staff and camp members, and can be worn for years to come.

And when campers are sure to cast their sweaty, soiled camp tees aside, they will treat their BS Designs hoodies like tokens of good nights spent by the fire on cool nights.

A Summer Camp Hoodie is a walking advertisement!

When camp counselors or camp staff are in nearby towns picking things up or dropping them off, camp hoodies can advertise your camp to everyone in the area.

Camp hoodies give your staff the ability to wear something which shows the pride they have at any time, no matter where they are. Camp t-shirts are usually covered by another brand of hoodie in the morning when walking to the dining hall for breakfast, or on the way to the campfire that night.

Make sure those hoodies have your logo and camp motto! Your logo which you spent so much time designing and agonizing over should be worn with pride and shown off everywhere, by everyone who attends your camp.

And if your camp is a summer camp, your campers can wear their hoodies which they will associate with such great memories at school in September, possibly attracting the eyes of others who may be interested in attending your camp the following summer.

Make it easy to order a summer camp hoodie

Camp directors: when drafting your camp hoodie order forms, include a “hoodie” box on the application which enables counselors and campers to opt-in to purchasing a hoodie.

1. Sizing options

They should also have a sizing option on the form, so that pre-orders can be completed in a timely fashion, and campers and staff can have their hoodies available to them the day they show up.

2. Payment options

Staff need not worry about having the cash upfront, seeing as the amount charged for the hoodie could simply be taken off of their tuck card (paycheck). In this way, the hoodie may even feel like a gift!

3. Summer camp uniforms

Some camps even make the hoodie mandatory, which is considered to be part of the uniform, and the staff looks unified and like a team from day one when they meet each other.

4. Pre-ordering hoodies makes life easy

By pre-ordering hoodies, you also avoid storing hoodies for years, or having any left over to collect dust. All hoodies in your inventory will be paid for, and your camp will not be out of pocket any money.

Contact us now and get your campers and staff into a great summer camp hoodie!

Camp hoodies are a great way to advertise your camp. They are fantastic for building community, and are a great way to stay warm during those cool summer nights! Camp hoodies build tradition and are a great keepsake.

At BS Designs we believe in camp and we believe in hoodies. Camp hoodies are a key part of camp life.

BS Designs would love the opportunity to be a part of your camping experience. Click here to ask us about summer camp hoodies.


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