We met with Hinch today and sent him off with a camp hoodie in style.

He tucked his boxes of fresh Arrowhead Camp hoodies in the back of his SUV and left for camp for the summer.

Arrowhead now has hoodies for their staff to wear on those cool evenings in the Muskoka’s.  Hoodies to wear for the brisk walks to the dining hall in the morning.  Hoodies to wear while roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Hoodies to wear for those windy days when boating on the water.  Arrowhead has the hoodies you want for the camp life.

Anyone who has been to camp knows it is a different world. A culture of togetherness, much more than community.  When camp is done right you become a family.

BSDesigns is proud to be on the backs of Arrowhead’s family.

We wish Arrowhead an incredible camp season, and if you think your camp would like a hoodie makeover or is just getting into hoodies drop us a line and we can help you out.  We would love to have the opportunity to outfit your camp and help you build the community that we all know is so important.

Visit the Arrowhead camp website.


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