Cats and hoodies.

They go together like peanut butter and jam, or kangaroos and kangaroo pouches.

Since you can buy hoodies for people to wear their cats, it made sense to spend a lil’ time on the interweb looking to see what else you can do with kitties and hoodies.

Of course, you can order Pet Hoodies on Amazon.Little hooded sweatshirts for Fluffy or Fido. (Sadly, we couldn’t find hoodies for cats to wear their people.)

How do you put a hoodie onto a cat?

  1. Make sure you order the right size hoodie for your kitty.
  2. Insert kitty into hoodie.
  3. Take photo. Done.

Even better was this site talking about Pet Hoodies. This is why I’m broke sucked me in. I should have been researching Mr. Fluffums and his hoodie needs, but instead, I got sucked into reading about poop soap bars, DJ Cat Scratch Turntables, and giant 14,000 gumball machines.

And the problem is when you scroll down on that website, more and more products pop up to waste your time and make you broke.

So, how does this tie in with BS Designs? It doesn’t really.

We make custom hoodies for people, not pets. Our high quality embroidered hoodies are really affordable and won’t make your sports team or camp staff broke.

  • If you need or custom hooded sweatshirts, check us out.
  • If you need your very own diesel power MechWarrior for 1.3 million dollars, check this out.

Image Source: This is why I’m broke.


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