Today we had a great chance to meet with Chris from Knifewear down in the Glebe.

Chris walked me through the many differences between the many varying styles and kinds of knives. It was certainly a steep learning curve for a guy who loves hoodies, camping and sports.

I like many of my fellow cooks, truly appreciate a good knife.  I know when I go to toast my bagel a good knife makes it much easier.  I know when slicing tomatoes for the grill a good knife keeps me from pressing that delicate vegetable into a paste.  So trust me, we at BSDesigns understand the importance of excellent knives and Chris was able to take care of the education we needed.

Chris also sells some unique shirts and all kinds of sharp lethal objects.  We had some laughs, shed no tears or my blood (although a bandaid was offered if i should need one) and we had a chance to chat about hoodies.

We had the chance to show Chris a custom hoodie with his logo on it.

Knifewear Hoodie

Thanks again for the time, it was much appreciated.



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