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Elizabeth Alexandra May has been the ruling monarch of England since 1952 when she was just 25 years of age.

Liz definitely has some street cred as she is the head of the Commonwealth and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  She is also on all kinds of money all over the world.

No one has managed to last the length of time and maintain the level of cool that she has, and she is still bringing it.

So for those of you wondering how Liz does it, we at BSDesigns can help you out with some basics.

  • Step #1: Buy a Range Rover.  This is a classic vehicle – price runs at about US$83,450 to get yours.   Build your own Landrover here.
  • Step #2: Lean your chair back nicely so you can barely see over the wheel. This gives you a hint of mystery and badassery.
  • Step #3: Most importantly, wear your hoodie. Don’t just wear it, but wear it to its fullest. You pull that hood up like Liz does, and you get your car rolling.
That is how you roll like the queen.

Now some of you are thinking a Range Rover is out of your price point, and I agree, for most it is.  You can however afford a custom hoodie which you can wear with pride. You say Lizzie has an extensive wardrobe and wears a crown on many occasions (you likely can’t afford those either) but fear not, Liz wears those things because she has to (you know, Queenly duties), but she wears a hoodie because she wants to.

Be like Liz. Forget the crown, forget the formalities, but always remember your hoodie. You can start being a little more like the queen here and that’s no bs.


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