The Sharknado trilogy officially came to a close this evening.  If you have missed any of them, you can catch all three in a row this Saturday, July 25th. It will definitely be six hours of your Saturday afternoon well spent. The marathon starts at 3pm/ET on the Space Network.

I myself have encountered all kinds of weather, from hail storms, freezing rain, and electrical storms, to monsoons, minor floods, and heat waves. Thankfully, I have yet to face a sharknado. This extreme weather condition is not only hard to prepare for, but it also pushes you to make drastic decisions regarding your wardrobe selection.

The characters of Sharknado do help us out some though; throughout the movies they give us tips on what apparel may be best to weather the sharknados. Most notably, our heroes Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and Lucas  (Frankie Muniz) both wear hoodies during many suspenseful and stressful moments.

Lucas’ last choice of wardrobe (spoiler alert!) was a hoodie– he sports it proudly as he sacrifices his life in an emotionally-charged moment amidst an incredible attack from many sharks. That’s right – in his final act of utmost bravery, Lucas is cloaked in a good ole’ hoodie.

Every now and then an epic movie trilogy such as this one comes to a close.

Only one thought after a movie like this comes to mind.

. seuss

Thank you Sharknado. We know you will find your place among the many great trilogies of the past, like: Back to the FutureThe GodfatherDark KnightToy Story, and of course, Rush Hour.

Thank you, Sharknado, for reminding us how important wearing a hoodie can be no matter what the weather throws at us. Literally.

If you are embarking on a new journey and you feel like you need a hoodie, no matter what the occasion may be, we at BS Designs would love to help you out and get you in a custom hoodie that’s right for you.



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