A media mogul, a fashion icon, a billionaire.

Oprah is among the most well-respected and well-known people in the world. She has walked red carpets, has her own television channel, and owns her own private jetOprahsjet

As you may know, Oprah’s net worth is approximately 3 billion dollars. With that type of pocket money, it’s safe for us to assume that she is able to buy and wear whatever she desires.

We also know that Oprah has great sense in style and, like us at BSDesigns, loves a good hoodie.

How do we know? Well, this picture says it all. Oprah is wearing a custom hoodie. She understands that representing her own company is just good business. Most importantly, she recognizes the high levels of comfort and diversity that a hoodie offers. We see Oprah here holding her beloved dog Solomon in her arms, proving that she can multi-task with the best of them.

Oprah is an icon. If she chooses a comfortable hoodie over a thousand dollar dress, prefers to represent her brand than to promote some trendy name, and decides that the best thing to wear when holding a loved one is in fact a hoodie… who are we to question her?

Society has known for quite sometime that Oprah is very, very wise, and she has a track record of making good decisions.

Like when she lost all the weight and proudly pulled out a wagon of chicken fat to represent her success.Oprahwagon

Her decision to sport this hoodie is no exception.

We at BSDesigns tend to trust her judgment, and we agree that hoodies are always in style. That is no bs.

image source of Oprah in hoodie

image source of Oprah & wagon



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