Here we are right in the middle of wedding season.  It seems like every weekend, roads are jammed up with pop cans attached to car bumpers and well-dressed couples outside of every hall in town.

Now I know wedding days are truly unforgettable and a day of magic for so many.  It is the day you will never forget.  You will have all the people who mean the most to you gathered together. It is the day when you will be photographed more times than Kim Kardashian eating ice cream, hamburgers, watermelon or pretty well anything else for that matter.

As a result you want to make sure you look your best.

We at BSDesigns can help make your special day a little bit simpler.

For many, many years the veil has been a really important part of the bride’s wedding day ensemble. Brides for decades have struggled with the same issue, the sloppy looking veil, the veil which slips and slides around, the veil which gets lost on the way to the wedding ceremony and needs to be replaced by your great aunts tea kettle cosy.

Tea Cosy

We at BSDesigns have the answer for you.  We have a way to simplify your life and truly make your wedding day that much better.  We have found the wedding dress hoodie.  It is a subtle mix of class, practicality and the crux of wedding bliss.  This is most certainly a custom hoodie.

Enjoy wedding season, We hope we have helped.

image source Wedding dress


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