So you are thinking of running for Prime Minister….

Well, first of all, we’d like to congratulate you.

(*Please note that BSDesigns is pushing no political agenda, nor do we actually offer any real advice regarding your political views or choices.)

Be forewarned, you have quite an undertaking ahead of you.

You have months ahead of kissing babies, attending all sorts of important events, and showing that you are a person of the people.

You want to put your best foot forward and show the people, the “commoners”, why you not only deserve to be, but should be their leader.

We spent far more time than we should have finding pictures of all of our Canadian candidates wearing hoodies. In the end, interestingly enough, the two who have the best shot at winning the election (based on multiple polls), were the only two we could find online also wearing hoodies. Now we are not guaranteeing a win by one of these two, but we do believe they have shown why one of them will likely win.

They have shown that they know how to dress, and relate to the people. They understand that a custom hoodie can help lead you to a victory. They have shown that they can be ordinary citizens just like us – these two candidates enjoy comfort on occasion, and can attest to the value a hoodie can bring to one’s life. Being in the spotlight, neither of them would ever wear something they did not think was fashionable or stylish. These candidates have proven that you need not wear a $1000 suit to look the part.

Our present PM has recognised this for years, and has been our leader since 2006!

If you want to be a leader, whether it be of student council or as Prime Minister of Canada, you need represent yourself and create your image in the best way possible. You want the people who are voting for you to know their faith will not go unnoticed. Represent yourself in a custom hoodie. You are a person of the people, and we at BSDesigns would be proud to help you prove that.


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