BS Designs took a rare break from checking out and designing custom hoodies the other day.

We decided to spend some time with Billy Hope in the movie “Southpaw”.

Now we don’t typically do movie reviews, but every now and then a hoodie-based movie comes along.

This movie is a tremendous example of hard work, personal triumph, and appropriately exemplifies how one can wear a custom hoodie in any environment for months (and yes, we wore ours while watching the movie) while training for the title fight.

The basic premise of this film has to do with boxing, but we also recognise that the boxing is merely a front for a deeper undertone of how to be successful, and what to wear to ensure it happens.

Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) shows us all that being an elite athlete, conquering wrongdoing, and looking fantastic is all best accomplished in a hoodie.


Billy shows us that that when facing overwhelming adversity, in the midst of personal anguish and challenges, your best shot at success will come when wearing a hoodie.


Billy wears a hoodie for most of the film, showing us that even when you doubt yourself, and things don’t seem to be going your way, being ready to go in your hoodie will not only better equip you to handle the situation, but you will also find success, and maybe even end up feeling like a champion.


We would like to thank The Weinstein Company for putting together such a great movie idea in “Southpaw”, and for sharing the importance of the hoodie as only Hollywood can. We at BS Designs will do whatever we can as well to help you be successful and conquer your challenges, by getting you in the hoodie that works best for you.



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