So you are about to go on a trip, well CONGRATULATIONS! We at BSdesigns are absolutely thrilled for you.

You have some time to burn, and your first stop is to get a beverage of sorts to wait out the time before your flight and walk on down to the gift shop.

It’s a place you often pass by and think “overpriced and overrated”. I mean, who really needs a giant box gold maple leaf pins? Nevertheless, something always catches your eye. Maybe it’s the magazines, or maybe it’s the stuffed RCMP Moose sitting on the shelf.

The Ottawa International Airport (YOW) knows what sells and knows what represents Canada the best. Maple leaves, maple syrup, maple fudge. Red and white pens, flags, tshirts, and pins. They even have toques! But what animal, besides the moose, does one think of immediately when they think of Canada?! The only animal that may be more Canadian than the moose is…the polar bear! An iconic symbol of Canada, the Ottawa Airport is proud to carry a varied selection of stuffed polar bears.

And the only things that make them even more Canadian than they already are? Their hoodies!

That’s right, even polar bear stuffies have hoodies, they get Canadian weather.

This once again proves that hoodies are essential to life in Canada.

photo 1 (5)

You have to admit, that bear looks stylish. That bear is ready to conquer the world in his Canada hoodie. Rep’ing his home country, who knows where he will end up? All BSdesigns and YOW know is that wherever his journey takes him, this polar bear will show the world that hoodies are a staple in Canada, and they look good on anyone – even bears.

Thank you YOW for reminding us just how fundamental hoodies are for life here.

If you, like the bear, need a custom hoodie to travel the world with, we at BSDesigns would be thrilled to help you out.


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