All things being equal, this one was one of my favourite hoodie quizzes of all time. (Well, no, I haven’t done that many in my lifetime, but I have done at least 6 different hoodie quizzies.)

We’re just tidying up some code and the quizzes are on the to-do list of tweaks.

Here’s a random photo of hoodie goodness to enjoy:

Do your arms ever feel cold?
Is that a picture of my own arm?! I am always cold.
Yes, sometimes they do.
No. My arms have never felt even the slightest of chills.



Do you live in the area where the temperature falls below 15 celsius (or 20 degrees if you get cold easily)
Yes. Where I live, temperatures can reach those mentioned.
I’m not sure, I spend most of my time in the basement wearing a hoodie.
No, I live in a place of unbearable year-round, day-and-night heat.



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