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School Hoodies, Sport Team Hoodies, Summer Camp Hoodies – We do hoodies, and we do them right!


Custom hooded sweatshirts. It’s what we do. Your logo, your style, your choice. Zipper? No zipper? Front pockets? No pockets? No problem. You’ve got options!

Want your logo on the front, with a stylized version on the sleeve and your brand on the back right shoulder? Come talk to us.

We show you that lower prices do not mean lower quality.

Your sport. Your team.


From volleyball hoodies to team gear, we’ve got you covered.

You win on the court. Now wear your pride through the streets, hallways and driveways.

We can take your logo and come up with a new stylized version for your business, sport, club, or school team.

Build Spirit and Community

Let’s be honest. It’s easier to show spirit and represent when you look good.

And, we make you look good.

(No offense to all of those well loved hoodies, so thin in the elbows you can see through them, and so frayed that you really can’t wear them out maintaining any sort of dignity. Let’s be honest, you can do better.)

Pure BS, but no bs



Yes, this is a legitimate website. BS are our initials, but there’s no bull.

We live in Ottawa, Canada, but through the power of this fad called the inter-web, we can work with people around the world, including you.

And, yes, we can ship internationally.

Our Team

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Brad has been all about hoodies since he was a little kid. Many people have commented that he wears a hoodie for literally every occasion. He loves hoodies plain and simple. Everyone has their thing…hoodies are his. Brad’s favourite hoodie is a solid black full zip hoodie which can be worn in any and every situation.
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Mike has been playing on the interweb since the sound of dial up modems. He is often online well after the normal sane person has been asleep for hours. Mike’s favourite hoodie is a faded red pull over as it makes him smile and reminds him that you really can’t drink enough Tim Hortons.
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ZZ has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember. She loves to take them at any time and anyplace. She has a unique perspective on her surroundings which brings a great collection of shots which only she could have taken. Zz’s favourite hoodie is a purple pullover with a relaxed fit which she likes to wear when it is windy the most.

What now? 4 Easy steps to get swag:

Step 1. Check out samples of our work that we have done for other schools and organizations.

(No, you can’t have those logos, but we can come up with something similar.)

Step 2. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

(Our web monkeys are standing by.)

Step 3. Send us a file or picture with your school logo.

(Our design monkeys will draft up a few ideas to run by you.)

Step 4. Approve the design and the order, and it’s off to the presses!

(It’s that easy.)

Leave a message below (or click here) and we’ll get back to you. You can also email us at [email protected]

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Send us a message and we'll get back to you, asap. (You can also email Brad directly at [email protected]


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